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Mixed Media

1015 Holmes Street, Duncan, BC


insta  @stitchedpicturesby

Studio hours: 

By appointment

Welcome to the colourful world of mixed-media artist and certified creativity coach, Caroline Storie.

Originally from the south of England, Caroline moved to
the Cowichan Valley over 18 years ago where the shapes
and colours of the water, mountains, and farmlands of the
Valley, inspire her to create with paint, canvas and stitch.

Bright colour blocks and abstract shapes are painted almost
as if seeing the landscape from the dual perspectives of
flying through the sky, and being grounded to the earth.


Caroline is enjoying the fun and freedom with the creative
process this year. She hopes this shines through to anyone
wishing to create as it can be such a wonderful adventure
when you say yes to the pull.

photo credits  Devon Gillott Sessions

Caroline collage 2023.jpg
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